Gev'Narsyria (Capitol City of the Empire)

Gev’Narsyria was once an ancient city of the Chuul. Now Seat of the Elven Empire for 3000 years. House Draco Rules supremely here with Leo always an ally.

Gev’Narsyria has a mild but seasonal climate. The architecture is a combination of Chuul (Aztec) and Elven (Asian). There is no connection to nature in the city, though many parks exist and many of the cities monasteries, temples, and manors have private gardens rivaling those of Tel’Shia.

This holy city is ran by an entrenched bureaucracy. Gev’Narsyria is more like a sprawling mega-temple than a city as is typically thought of. It is dominated by Churches, Cathedrals, and temples of all sorts. Imperial Law decrees that any recognized religion has to be headquartered in the Imperial city and is expected to name the great Karrath as intermediary to the Gods.

Heretical sects are to be eliminated. Notable exception to this is Druids, rangers, and Knights of the Ancients.

Gev'Narsyria (Capitol City of the Empire)

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